Acne treatment pack

Acne treatment pack



7-day Acne skincare challenge 

Try our unique 2 core pods infused with natural ingredients.

This pack includes 7 pods for the 7-day treatment

Acne always shows up at the worst times - before a date, an interview, or any time you want to show your best face. That's why we created the 7 Day acne challenge, the specially designed twin-core pods used in the combination will help control your breakouts and reduce your acne all in seven days.

If you have severe acne then we would also recommend the use of the Day & Night Patch - a hydrocolloid patch that extracts impurities, camouflages blemishes, and helps heal your skin - so you can get out there and be jazzy! 

We also have a specially designed acne face mask with is infused with Australian tea tree essence which we recommend weekly 

How to use

Wash your face with warm water, pat dry.

Open the pod and mix the two cores then apply evenly across your face

Leave for 7 to 10 min and then wash off


Reduce oily and processed foods eating healthy and plenty of water always helps 

Use a hairband to prevent hair from going on your face

Wash your face regularly to control excess oil 

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